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Our app allows you to manage your pet's routine (and yours), save everything about it, find professionals and exchange messages with everyone involved in its care.

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Caring just got a lot easier!

And nobody takes care of it alone, right? An animal's life is made up of baths, grooming, walks, vaccines, veterinary appointments, exams, little hotel, etc. There is memory, time and messages to organize, remember, save and solve all this.

We help you! Petkie puts the Pet at the center and intelligently connects the people and professionals who care for it around it. Everyone's life is much simpler and (priority) the pet is super well taken care of.

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The best animal care and organization app

Petkie is a platform for those who really love to take care of animals:

  • Single, integrated and shared agenda among all those involved with the Pet, with reminders, confirmations, alerts and messages

  • Pet Profile with all relevant information for the animal's (and yours) well-being and quality of life

  • Complete history of activities and health of the Pet, updated with the help of those who also take care of it

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